Entrust Music Service Staffordshire (Lead Partner)

Riverway Centre

Stafford, ST16 3TH

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The NWMMEH is committed to ensuring all children and young people have the opportunity to access the highest quality musical opportunities and education.


Benefits of Music Education – Reports and Links


10 Things schools should know about learning music:




A digest of Institute of Education research and its impact on policy and government thinking:




Summary of Professor Sue Hallam’s 2001 report The Power of Music – focus on psychological/neurological / educational effects of music:




Article in Music Teacher on Professor Sue Hallam’s Power of Music research:




The social benefits of music:




The Ofsted report Music in Schools - Sound Partnerships (Oct 2012) highlights the responsibility of schools to invest in good partnership working with external music specialists to offer a good music education.


The impact of music making outside of school and with particular groups of young people: